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The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant is a short story by W.D. Wetherell that tells the tale of a young boy's summer vacation and his encounter with a beautiful girl named Sheila Mant. The story takes place in the summer of 1950 in a small town on the banks of a river.

The protagonist of the story is a thirteen-year-old boy named Andy, who is spending his summer vacation fishing in the river and trying to catch a big bass. Andy is a typical adolescent boy, full of energy and curiosity, and he is determined to catch the biggest fish in the river. He spends most of his days fishing from the dock, hoping to land the perfect catch.

One day, while Andy is fishing, he meets Sheila Mant, a beautiful and mysterious girl who is also spending her summer vacation at the river. Sheila is older than Andy, but he is immediately drawn to her and becomes infatuated with her. Despite the fact that she is aloof and seems disinterested in him, Andy is determined to impress her and win her over.

As the summer progresses, Andy and Sheila spend more time together, and Andy begins to understand that Sheila is not the perfect girl he had thought she was. She is flawed and vulnerable, and has her own problems and issues to deal with. Despite this, Andy remains fascinated by Sheila and continues to pursue her.

As the summer comes to a close, Andy finally catches the big bass he has been dreaming of, and he is thrilled. However, he soon realizes that catching the fish is not as important as he had thought it was, and that his relationship with Sheila is much more valuable to him. He decides to release the fish back into the river, symbolizing his newfound understanding and appreciation for the things that truly matter in life.

The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant is a poignant and thought-provoking story that explores the themes of love, loss, and the importance of relationships. It is a coming-of-age story that speaks to the experiences and emotions of young people as they navigate the complexities of growing up and learning about the world around them. Through the character of Andy, Wetherell has created a relatable and timeless tale that will resonate with readers of all ages.

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In the short story "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant," the protagonist, a young boy, is torn between his love for fishing and his infatuation with Sheila Mant, a popular girl at school. Set in a small town in the summertime, the story explores themes of youth, innocence, and the complexities of relationships.

The boy spends much of his time fishing in the river, a pastime that brings him great joy and a sense of peace. He is particularly excited when he catches a large bass, which he names "Big Bass." However, his happiness is short-lived when he learns that Sheila Mant is visiting the town for the summer.

The boy becomes infatuated with Sheila and becomes determined to impress her. He invites her to go fishing with him, hoping to show off his skills and perhaps even catch Big Bass again. However, Sheila is more interested in swimming and sunbathing, and the boy finds it difficult to reconcile his love for fishing with his desire to impress Sheila.

As the summer goes on, the boy becomes increasingly obsessed with Sheila and begins to neglect his love for fishing. He even starts to believe that he must give up his passion in order to win Sheila's affection. In the end, however, he comes to realize that he cannot sacrifice who he is for someone else. He decides to let Sheila go and rediscover his love for fishing, finding happiness in the simple pleasures of life.

"The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant" is a coming-of-age story that speaks to the universal experience of young love and the challenges of navigating relationships. It is a reminder to stay true to oneself and to value one's passions and interests, even in the face of external pressures.

Free Essay: The Bass the River and Sheila Mant Essay

the bass the river and sheila mant essay

The author applied this by getting inside the head of a teenage kid most likely himself to see from past experience witch transitions into the whole stories theme. The conflict counts 2 people our unnamed main character and Sheila Mant the third one is a random bass fish. Wetherell uses character development of Sheila and internal conflict of the narrator in order to show that the choices you make to please others are not as good as the choices you make to help yourself. He has a lot of knowledge about fishing; he knows what a bass sounds like from a splash. Like I said earlier they all combine and make something from good separate to a bad outcome combined. To me, conflict is the moral fiber for good writing and the writer of this story has adeptly mastered this art.


The Bass The River And Sheila Mant Analysis

the bass the river and sheila mant essay

All the things in his attributes of his personality will all come to one challenge and that is choosing witch is more important. This story is about a teenage boy that has to decide between his biggest crush and his most favorite thing to do. After a long time of studying Sheila and planning this day, he finally musters up the courage to ask Sheila out, and to his surprise, she says yes. Despite the numerous sacrifices that this young boy had made, he decides to have the right attitude towards his situation. This strong work ethic encourages the girl to complete her responsibilities. Harnett English 1, Period 4 September 19, 2016 The Power of Choice in The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant In the story "The Bass, the River and Sheila Mant" by W. After Sheila had made her statement on how the nature part of the night especially the part on the fishing.


The Bass The River Sheila Mant Analysis

the bass the river and sheila mant essay

Secondly, when they finally started boarding the canoe Sheila started complaining about many things for example when she heard the splashing of the bass in the river which then lead her to express her feelings towards fishing. And using the wrong techniques will only ensure an empty stringer. Wetherell in which the narrator asks his neighbor, Sheila Mant, on a date. By reeling in the bass, he would be losing Sheila, but cutting it loose would make him lose the catch of his life. To the amazement of the boy, Sheila agrees to keep him company to the dance.


The Bass The River And Sheila Mant Summary

the bass the river and sheila mant essay

G pick bass or Sheila? He shows off to her by swimming around her and diving when she is looking. The speaker has developed a strong work ethic that drives her to stay up all night picking peaches. In The Bass the River and Sheila Mant, W. The film not only shows the direct impact of the people in the village going thirsty, but also how mining contributes to the deforestation and pollution of the world we live in. Essay On Bass Fishing Fishing bait is a generic term for any type of substance or material which is used to attract fish to a fishing hook or line.


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the bass the river and sheila mant essay

Wade was not only affected by his shattering moment in his career, but his childhood and experiences of war in Vietnam left him traumatized and feeling unworthy of love. Additionally, the most desirable want is not the route a person should pursue through the symbolism of the bass and point of view through which the story is told. When the narrator finally knows a decision must be made between the bass and Sheila, he chooses Sheila believing it is a more mature thing to do. In Conclusion, every story has a conflict, but the way that the author presents that conflict is always different to catch the readers attention. This ultimately challenges them to decide whether to accept the task and grow or abandon their dreams by giving up.


The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant Symbolism Essay Example

the bass the river and sheila mant essay

He also is really impressive at it and the fish is really big. I picked the bass the river and Sheila Mant witch taught the audience about choosing childhood over manhood. He must choose between Sheila and the bass, and ends up choosing Sheila over the bass, which is a mistake he regrets later. For him, Sheila is a …show more content… The realization comes later after he has accidentally hooked the biggest fish he has ever hooked. She also started complaining when she started to become aware of the buzzing noises of the bats and as well with just the whole boat ride she totally disliked. The main symbol in the story must be the Bass. The narrator is enchanted by Sheila and her family and wishes to be invited to their parties which the narrators mother finds loud.


The Bass, The River, And Sheila Mant

the bass the river and sheila mant essay

I was constantly doubting and questioning myself. The novel shows evidence that proves dysfunctional in a relationship such as husband and wife relations, a child and a mother relations or relations between two sisters who live a different life. A third and final conflict of these stories are when in The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant the narrator sees Sheila Mant and tries to ask her out on a date. The narrator, who is not given a name, is fourteen years old and in love with an older woman—his sixteen-year-old neighbor, Sheila Mant. The young girl, Sheila, has informed the narrator of her disgust of fishing.


The Bass, The River and Sheila Mant Short Summary Essay Example

the bass the river and sheila mant essay

Most of the time her moods told others to stay away from her. The resolution was that Sheila left him anyway, when he was trying so hard to impress her. But then, Sheila Mant is equally impressive. It also gives us the right attitude with which we should approach these challenges. Finally as a result, Sheila uses people just to get what she wants.