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A formal letter is a type of communication that follows a specific structure and format. It is used for professional or business purposes and is often written to someone in authority or to request information. In a school setting, a formal letter may be written to the principal, a teacher, or another school official.

The format for a formal letter includes the following elements:

  1. Letterhead: The letterhead is the top portion of the letter and includes the sender's name, address, and contact information.

  2. Date: The date should be written in the upper right-hand corner of the letter.

  3. Inside Address: The inside address is the recipient's name and address, written below the date.

  4. Salutation: The salutation, or greeting, is written below the inside address and begins with "Dear" followed by the recipient's title and last name. For example, "Dear Mr. Smith."

  5. Body: The body of the letter is the main content and should be divided into paragraphs. The first paragraph should introduce the purpose of the letter and any relevant background information. The subsequent paragraphs should provide more detail and support for the main points.

  6. Closing: The closing is the final paragraph of the letter and should be a formal expression of goodwill. Common closing phrases include "Sincerely," "Yours faithfully," or "Respectfully."

  7. Signature: The signature is written below the closing and includes the sender's name, title, and contact information.

Here is an example of a formal letter format for a school setting:

Letterhead Date

Inside Address





Below is a sample formal letter to a school principal:

[Letterhead] [Date]

[Inside Address]

Dear Principal [Last Name],

I am writing to request permission for my child, [Child's Name], to be excused from school on [Date] for a family vacation. [Child's Name] has been a model student and has consistently achieved high grades. I understand the importance of regular attendance and am confident that missing this one day will not negatively impact [Child's] academic progress.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, [Your Name] [Title] [Contact Information]

Formal Letter Format, Types, Samples, and Writing Tips

formal letter format for school

Tell them something you like about the school or make a compliment. Therefore, I request you to consider him for any role in the stage act. Thank you Yours Sincerely, RG Rose Grandson Richard DanHighway Lane Austin, Texas The Principal Texas High School Highway Lane Austin Texas 2nd September 2022 Dear Madam, SUB: REQUEST FOR FEE CONCESSION I am writing to you to request for a fee concession. I have attached their doctors note, which states their diagnosis and prognosis. Identify Your Type of Formal Letter Formal letters can be used through several transactions or communications. Basically, a formal letter is a type of letter that is used for official or professional purpose.


Formal letter format for school principal

formal letter format for school

Unlike formal letters, informal letters are more likely to be of friendly or personal manner. Yigo Massachusetts 50654 +1 123-1234 24-01-2019 Mr. This section is typically two or three paragraphs in length. We should take advantage of this emerging trend and set up a fully-fledged organisation in South Delhi. I hope that you will consider my request and grant the leaves for the aforementioned dates.


Formal Letter Templates

formal letter format for school

Some instances include resignation letters, business proposal letters, sales letter, medical leave letters, business inquiry letters, and employee complain letters. We are considering your son for the position of a lead role in the drama and thereby we request you to grant us permission for the same. The format is similar for all education boards in India, including CBSE, ICSE, etc. I am also sending the money Rs. The letter must not contain unnecessary information and sharing of thoughts and opinions about school policies must be strictly avoided.


Formal Letter Format for School: Template, Types, Samples

formal letter format for school

We list the fundamental tips and factors below on how to write a formal letter in Microsoft Word 1. Make sure your formal letter is composed concisely. Regardless of the type of letter, it is also advised to start with your address. We have come to know that students of Standard V and VI will be practicing for a stage drama after school hours in the coming week. Therefore, I request to be excused from school during the two weeks starting from 17th Aug to 2nd Sep, 2013. Therefore, I request you to grant us permission to visit your school on 2nd February 2019.


Excuse Letter for School / College Absence: Format, Template & Samples

formal letter format for school

I am organizing this exhibition to revive the interest in reading amongst students and other general masses of our city. I believe you'd be a great fit for our lineup of speakers given your background in art direction and photography. Related: Writing a Cover Letter: Tips and Examples AMS example Here is an example of an AMS formal letter: Joan Camden Design Institute 123 Blueberry Lane San Francisco, California 55555 Jan. We are willing to work with Ms. Kindly find my diagnosis report attached to this request letter. For a detailed formal letter format to the principal, refer to this page.


How to Write a Formal Letter

formal letter format for school

I, therefore, ask you to grant him leave for the stated days. As we understand, Ms. I await your consideration and kind response. I visited the psychologist the following two weeks who helped me to recover from the psychological effect I had been undergoing. Your address should start first regardless of the type of style you are using. I look forward to speaking with you. Kennedy Jones 555 Forest Drive San Francisco, California 55555 YOU'RE INVITED TO THE DESIGN INSTITUTE CONFERENCE Dear Ms.


Permission Letter Template For School

formal letter format for school

I will be highly appreciative if you consider my request. A formal letter is a specific kind of business letter that is often used as a way of correspondence in a particular organization. I am hoping for a positive response from your end. Sincerely, Saroja Signature To, Sid Silvana Bosoms College 23 Eastwood Street, Alaska, USA Date: 12 th April 2019 Dear Ms. In that case, the student must submit a letter of absence before returning to school. I am writing to invite you to not only attend the event but to give a speech if you so choose.


Request Letter for School Admission

formal letter format for school

I ask you to grant her 4 days leave from 14th to 17th June to attend the memorial service and the burial. Keep a cheerful, approachable tone in the letter, even when you are filing a complaint. Salutation: You should greet the person to whom you are writing the letter. You can begin your formal letter with Dear or Respected before the name of the person to whom you are writing. Next, include your title, phone number and email address. Explain your problem and the solution or conclusion that you are expecting from that person. This was caused by the matatu riots that made movement from terminal to terminal quit difficult.