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  1. Climate change and the importance of taking action to reduce carbon emissions. With the overwhelming scientific evidence pointing to the urgent need for drastic action to combat climate change, it is imperative that we take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and transition to renewable energy sources. A persuasive speech on this topic could outline the impacts of climate change, such as rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and loss of biodiversity, and provide concrete solutions for individuals and governments to take to reduce their carbon emissions.

  2. Gun control and the need for stricter regulations. The issue of gun control is a highly controversial and divisive one, with strong arguments on both sides. However, with the high number of mass shootings and gun-related deaths in the United States, it is clear that something needs to be done to address this issue. A persuasive speech on gun control could outline the benefits of stricter regulations, such as reduced gun violence and increased public safety, and provide evidence to support these claims.

  3. The importance of mental health awareness and access to treatment. Mental health is often overlooked and stigmatized, despite its crucial role in overall well-being and functioning. A persuasive speech on this topic could highlight the prevalence of mental health issues and the importance of addressing them, as well as the barriers to accessing mental health care and ways to overcome them.

  4. The need for comprehensive sex education in schools. Providing comprehensive sex education in schools is crucial for promoting healthy relationships and reducing rates of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. A persuasive speech on this topic could outline the benefits of comprehensive sex education, such as improved communication and consent skills and increased access to information and resources, and provide evidence to support these claims.

  5. The importance of supporting small businesses and local economies. Small businesses are the backbone of many communities and play a vital role in driving economic growth. A persuasive speech on this topic could highlight the benefits of supporting small businesses, such as creating jobs, boosting local economies, and preserving the unique character of a community, and provide concrete ways for individuals to support them.

  6. The benefits of a plant-based diet for both personal and environmental health. A plant-based diet has been shown to have numerous health benefits, such as reducing the risk of chronic diseases and promoting weight loss. It is also more environmentally sustainable than a diet based on animal products, as it requires fewer resources to produce and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions. A persuasive speech on this topic could outline the benefits of a plant-based diet and provide tips for transitioning to one.

  7. The negative impacts of social media and the need for responsible use. While social media can be a useful tool for connecting with others and staying informed, it can also have negative impacts on mental health and well-being. A persuasive speech on this topic could outline the dangers of excessive social media use, such as increased feelings of loneliness and comparison, and provide strategies for using social media in a healthy and balanced way.

  8. The need for criminal justice reform and alternatives to incarceration. The criminal justice system in the United States is heavily reliant on incarceration as a means of punishment, leading to high rates of incarceration and disproportionately impacting marginalized communities. A persuasive speech on this topic could outline the negative impacts of mass incarceration, such as the high costs and negative effects on communities and families, and propose alternatives, such as rehabilitation and restorative justice.

  9. The importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. A diverse and inclusive workplace is not only more representative of the community, but it has also been shown to lead to increased creativity, productivity, and profitability. A persuasive speech on this topic could outline the benefits of diversity and inclusion and provide strategies for promoting it in the workplace.

  10. The need for affordable and accessible

A persuasive speech is a type of public speaking that aims to convince the audience to adopt a particular belief or point of view. A good persuasive speech should be well-researched and supported by evidence, and should also consider the perspective and possible objections of the audience. Here are 10 potential topics for a persuasive speech:

  1. Climate change: This is an important issue that affects everyone on the planet, and there is a strong case to be made for the need to take immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of global warming.

  2. Gun control: The issue of gun control is a highly divisive one, but there are strong arguments to be made for stricter laws to reduce gun violence and protect the safety of communities.

  3. Healthcare reform: The high cost and limited accessibility of healthcare is a major concern for many people, and there are various proposals for reforming the healthcare system to make it more affordable and effective for all.

  4. Immigration: Immigration is a complex and controversial issue, but there are compelling arguments to be made for more humane and fair policies that recognize the contributions and rights of immigrants.

  5. Education: The quality and accessibility of education is a critical factor in individual and societal success, and there are many potential solutions to improve the education system for all students.

  6. Racial justice: Racism is a persistent and harmful problem that affects people of color in many aspects of life, and there is a strong case to be made for addressing and dismantling systemic racism.

  7. Police reform: The use of excessive force and systemic racism within law enforcement has led to calls for reform, including increased accountability and training, and alternative approaches to public safety.

  8. Drug policy: The war on drugs has been criticized as costly and ineffective, and there are alternative approaches that prioritize harm reduction and treatment over criminalization.

  9. Gay rights: LGBTQ+ people continue to face discrimination and inequality in many areas, and there is a strong case to be made for equal rights and protections for all sexual orientations and gender identities.

  10. Net neutrality: The concept of net neutrality, which ensures that all internet traffic is treated equally, is under threat, and there are compelling arguments to be made for preserving and protecting it.

These are just a few potential topics for a persuasive speech, and there are many other important issues that could be addressed as well. It is important to carefully research and consider the potential arguments and objections of the audience, and to present a well-supported and compelling case for the position being advocated.

  1. Climate change and the need for urgent action to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate its impact.

  2. The importance of access to affordable healthcare for all people.

  3. The need for gun control measures to reduce gun violence and protect public safety.

  4. The benefits of a plant-based diet and the negative impact of animal agriculture on the environment.

  5. The importance of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of society, including the workplace and education.

  6. The need for comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

  7. The dangers of social media and the need for greater accountability from tech companies.

  8. The importance of equal pay for equal work, and the need to close the gender pay gap.

  9. The need for better mental health resources and support, including increased funding for research and treatment.

  10. The dangers of climate change denial and the importance of educating the public about the science of climate change.

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top 10 best persuasive speech topics

On top of that, i truthfully like your template and the way you have structured your content. It may require lots of research to gather authentic information but may achieve your objective. Nevertheless, each of these topics requires creativity to come up with an interesting speech that people will be glad to listen to from the beginning to the end. The absence of statistics or storytelling with emotions will only be a half-baked delivery and will defeat the purpose. Are your friends really your friends? It might involve plenty of research. This way, you will prepare it quickly and in less time.


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Why squirrels are better than people — funny topic. They are good for reducing puffiness and inflammation and it tightens the skin under the eyes for a rejuvenated look. Why everything that is prohibited becomes twice as tempting. Top 10 Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics You Should Learn to Speak About January 31, 2013 , Delivering a persuasive speech is harder than giving an informative one. All you need to do is Persuasion is the act of convincing someone to see your point of view or adopt a particular 1.


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Conclusion: Best Persuasive Speech Topics Remember, your passion and expertise on the topic will translate to audience engagement — and hopefully a good grade! Tell stories that bring your audience into your problem, but also your solution you propose. Are you asking them to take a specific action after listening to your speech? How to Choose the Right Persuasive Speech Topic for High School? Living devoid of the approaches to the problems you have sorted out all through your good post is a critical case, and ones that might have in a wrong way affected my entire career if I hadnt come across your site. SHARE THE LOVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! However, should you choose to skip this article due to reasons such as a busy schedule, our premium writers are ready to step in and help with that assignment. Of course, if you are really having a difficult time, you can hire a. They have to be perfectly cultivated to encapsulate every beautiful, or not so beautiful, thing about the person who is given the name. These emotions enable your audience to connect with the argument.


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How to persuade friends to pay for your safari. In the professional world, writers are some of the most well-paid workers. We should ban Mondays. Record yourself delivering your persuasive speech so you can play it back and analyze your areas needing improvement. Focus on the Desired Outcome Do you want any kind of outcome from your audience as a result of your speech? This way, you can make listeners agree with your point of view.


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Parent-teacher conferences should be mandatory. Therefore, begin your search for the top persuasive speech topics for 2022 with a basic understanding of the topic. Your artical is very simple however , retains a little elegance together with grace. How to increase your IQ by playing games. Persuasive Speech Topics You can find plenty of topics to deliver a persuasive speech.


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top 10 best persuasive speech topics

There are many types of speeches out there, but for a persuasive speech, you will want to follow these four steps: -Define your thesis. This mini conversion chart is an absolute lifesaver. But before we jump in, students reading this should also know that certain aspects of taking literature classes can be tough. Teach your pet how to talk. Consider the facts and information that your audience may already be aware of, as well as their beliefs and worries about your issue. Therefore, strong persuasive speech delivery is a must for every student looking to make it big.


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It is mostly used for the relief of neurotic pain. Once you have this in mind, then try looking at things from their perspective. It can be as simple as getting people to buy a new product, or it could be changing the way someone views your company. This category also has agriculture persuasive speech topics because farming can affect the environment. Here are environmental topics to consider for your persuasive speech. Do it yourself, then include additional facts, examples, and anecdotes to make a strong counterargument. You must persuade your readers to accept your opinion.


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This is because we all know that our country caused some of the greatest armed conflicts in the past decades. Good Topics for Persuasive Speech Some persuasive speech topics college and high school students write about are just good. The next tip is to do your homework. Here are some of the ideas to explore in this category. If you have, consider them as a steppingstone to help you find or create the perfect funny nickname. As an integrated platform for both tutors and students, we provide real time sessions, online assignment and homework help and project work assistance.