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The American Sociological Association (ASA) style is a standardized format for writing and citing research papers in the field of sociology. This style guide provides specific guidelines for formatting the layout, style, and content of a research paper, as well as for citing sources and creating a reference list.

One key aspect of ASA style is that it uses in-text citations rather than footnotes or endnotes. In-text citations are brief references to sources that are placed within the body of the paper, usually in parentheses. These citations provide the necessary information for readers to locate the source in the reference list, which is typically placed at the end of the paper.

The general format for an ASA style paper includes the following elements:

  1. Title page: The title page should include the title of the paper, the author's name, and the author's institutional affiliation (if applicable).

  2. Abstract: The abstract is a brief summary of the paper that provides an overview of the main points and findings. It should be no more than 150 words and should be placed on a separate page after the title page.

  3. Introduction: The introduction should provide an overview of the research question or problem being addressed in the paper. It should also include a brief review of the relevant literature and explain the purpose and significance of the study.

  4. Methods: The methods section should describe the research design, sample, and data collection and analysis procedures used in the study.

  5. Results: The results section should present the main findings of the study in a clear and concise manner.

  6. Discussion: The discussion should interpret the results and place them in the context of the larger body of research on the topic. It should also discuss the implications of the study and suggest directions for future research.

  7. References: The reference list should include a complete list of all sources cited in the paper. It should be arranged alphabetically by author's last name and should follow the specific formatting guidelines outlined in the ASA style guide.

Here is an example of an ASA style paper:

Title: "The Impact of Social Support on Mental Health Outcomes in Older Adults"


This study examined the relationship between social support and mental health outcomes in a sample of older adults. Results indicated that those with higher levels of social support reported significantly lower levels of depression and anxiety. The findings suggest that social support may play a protective role in the mental health of older adults.


Mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, are common among older adults and can have significant negative impacts on quality of life (Smith et al., 2015). Previous research has shown that social support can have a positive effect on mental health outcomes (Jones, 2010). However, the specific mechanisms through which social support influences mental health in older adults are not well understood. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between social support and mental health outcomes in a sample of older adults.


Participants were recruited from a community center in a Midwestern city. The sample included 100 individuals aged 60 or older. Participants completed a survey that included measures of social support (Social Support Questionnaire; Sarason et al., 1983) and mental health outcomes (Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale; Radloff, 1977; State-Trait Anxiety Inventory; Spielberger et al., 1983). Data were analyzed using Pearson correlations and multiple regression.


Results indicated a significant negative correlation between social support and depression (r = -.54, p < .001) and a significant negative correlation between social support and anxiety (r = -.41, p < .001). In a multiple regression analysis,

ASA Style Guide

asa style format example paper

Citations of Electronic Sources A good ASA format sample paper includes many online sources which are cited correctly. The first line for each entry is left justified and indented 0. He could make this work stronger by drawing from the perspectives of others' analyses. The protest experiences taught deaf people about the needs and values of being more assertive. New York: Self Publisher. If there is no publishing date, apply the combination " N.


ASA Format: How To Use ASA Style In Your Research Paper?

asa style format example paper

The below table shows how to cite different types of sources. As a handy rule, use both throughout the text of the manuscript but do not mix them. But without quotation marks. You can improve references write-up with the understanding of the differences in referencing style as guided you below. ASA developed the ASA Style Guide to simplify the most common styles and formats in writing journals and manuscripts. Name of the Book.


How To Write An Asa Style Paper Research Example

asa style format example paper

The title of the work should be on the top of this page. Send us your work and indicate the formatting style you need and we will do everything for you. Moreover, one must specify if significance levels presented are results from one-tailed or two-tailed tests. Do not underline or quote the title Always check with your instructor to see if he or she has any different requirements or specifications for your paper. For example, some visuals that remain useful for educational use include figures, illustrations, and photographs. The incorrect use of the ASA citation format could discredit your work and even cause you to lose opportunities for career progression.


ASA Format

asa style format example paper

Include the name of the country for foreign cities. Citation example in ASA style: Henry 1960; Watt 1954 Mane et al. In general, researchers round off or truncate decimals into thousandths and omit zeros. Get help with Sociology Papers written in ASA Paper format Are you wondering how to write an essay in ASA paper format? As a rule, essayists indent the first line at 0. ASA In-Text Citations While writing a paper with ASA structure, make sure you will not violate the ethical codes of attribution and authorship credit with citations and references. Using Quotes Quotations in the text are required to be placed in quotation marks. Birth of a Nation.


ASA Format: How to Write and Cite a Paper in ASA Style

asa style format example paper

Hence, presentable tables should contain relevant explanations for readers. The memo, conference with Janes Current, Director of Organization, National Institute of Socio-cultural Development. Example of an ASA reference: Geary, Rachel. Also, tables and images contain compelling details that may be used to validate arguments. Only those who have not tried it will never believe. New York: Riverhead Books.


ASA Format: Easy Guide for Your Essay or Paper With Examples

asa style format example paper

Footnotes and Endnotes Footnotes and endnotes are used to cite materials of limited availability, expand upon the text, or to add information presented in a table. Over some time, after people stop eating their junk food, the organism starts feeling discomfort. Then, other details include a complete word count of a written document. Like MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and APA citation styles, the ASA format citation differs depending on the source material in question. After this standard information, you should include the date you found the information on the world wide web the date of retrieval and the web address URL where you found the information.


Preparation Guide for ASA Paper Example

asa style format example paper

Besides, it maintains bone health and causes nausea. Before putting down the ASA style, you should look out three points. It is your job to make it look sharp and to create it in accordance with all of the rules so that it looks presentable and professional. It is a widely used referencing style in social sciences. Due to that, a person feels the same every day. For Newspaper Articles: Brus, Brian. It is usually placed at the end of the paraphrased or direct idea.


ASA Format and Citation Guide and Examples

asa style format example paper

Hence, each data table should be independent and relevant ideas presented in a paper. Whether you are a student of a Sociology Department or you just enrolled on the extra course about Sociology, you should know how to format your essay. Do only one or the other; not both. This is a third-level head. Subheadings in ASA formatting are always left-aligned and are never written in the bold letters.